When you are looking for a Chevy dealer that you can trust a lot goes into it now days. Word of mouth, reputation, online reviews and professionalism all play a part. So when you start your shopping process know that submitting your information for a quote is just the start of the relationship with your dealer. You should expect a professional sales person to call you and clarify all options to get the best possible quote. Now days Chevrolet has numerous rebates, and finding out if you qualify requires more than just your name and number, what is your trade, what year is it for Loyalty, are you leasing a competitor vehicle, what is the zipcode that you live at, and lived at in the past 3 to 6 years. All these questions are to maximize the rebates and savings and ensure that you are getting the maximum savings. So the next time your sales person asks a strange question, rest assured they are turning over all the stones trying to get you the best possible car deal. Click here for our current new car specials. http://www.courtesychev.com/specials/lease.htm